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Simplimatic has re-invented automatic bottle and jar cap feeding with this exciting new product. No longer will cap sorting and feeding be the reason for poor packaging line performance! Bottle Cap Feeder Specifications: Bottle Cap Types- Round and some oblong Bottle Cap Materials- Metal Crowns (like in Beer caps), and any other Metal Caps (Olive jar lids, pickle jar lids, etc,) Plastic caps (like for soft drinks, or flip top for ketchup o

Building upon our vast knowledge and experience in unscrambling technologies, Pace Packaging designed a hybrid unscrambler that was based upon our popular Omni-line series, but incorporated the specific requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry – Pharma-line was born. M300 Pharma-line machines, with their integrated inline ionized air rinse and concurrent vacuum, are well suited for production in all pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and vitam

For sorting and conveying plastic containers at a speed up to 250 BPM depending on the bottle size and shape Bottle diameter from : 25 to 150 mm Bottle height from: 30 to 300 mm Totally enclosed with stainless steel 304 sheeting – Wash-down Pharmaceutical finish Interlocked Lexan guarding Machine base integrated with loading hopper in stainless steel 304 - approximately 500 liters (18 ft³) Machine controlled with P.L.C. Allen Bradley

The established line of Pace bottle handling equipment has been designated Omni-line. These machines have earned a world-wide reputation for reliability, versatility and performance. Omni-line machines are universally-suited for production in all packaging industries, most notably in: beverage, bottled water, food, personal and household products, motor oil and bottle decorating. Features: Moderate to High speed applications Heavy-duty desig

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