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The top load case packer loads product through the top of an RSC, wraparound, or harness style case. Massman Automation incorporates its proven vacuum gantry pick-and-place robotic technology in conjunction with lowerator or escapement product handling. Overview Massman Automation top load case packers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency as the top design criteria. Top load case packing with multiple load stat

Fully Automatic Wrap Around Case and Tray Packer MADE IN AMERICA!  The Best Value for Your Application!

Packages a wide variety of products in Heavy Chipboard, F, E, B and C Flute Corrugated at 3-25 CPM

Standard Case Range 6" x 6" x 3"H(tray) to 14" x 16" x 10"H - - Special Sizes by Request

Machine Features:  Pass-Through Construction, Pressurized Hot-Melt System, Interlocked Barrier Guarding, Programmable Limit Switc

This is our most popular model with exceptional quality at an affordable price. This is an ideal packaging machine for the average size production rates. It offers speeds to 20 cases per minute.

This case packer can also be manufactured as a “D” Series with an On-board Acculane Servo-Controlled Lane Divider. This model will pack newly erected, reshipper cases or trays.

This case packer can also be manufactured as a “D”

This case packer offers simplicity; integrated with durability at an economical price. This is a great case packer for small to average sized production rates at speeds to 15 cases per minute.

This series of case packers is offered in the “E” Series for round products or the “D” Series for non-round products.

Standard Features Include:

  • Self-aligning stainless steel case guide top plate on

The Erecto-Pak Automatic Tray Erector and Packer, built by Hamrick, has a heavy-duty construction, is PLC controlled, and features an easy load cardboard indexing tray magazine and hot melt glue system.

  • Optional lane divider avail. for non-round products
  • Up to 15 cycles per minute
  • Fully automated production

Erecto-Pak Automatic Tray Erector and Packer

  • Capable of

These Pacers are specially constructed for the bottled water industry. These packers are capable of running a variety of different sizes ranging from 6 oz. bottled to 2.5 gallon containers at speed up to 35 cases per minute. We started with our more standard case packers and added features for better handling of compressible containers, sport caps, and snap caps.

This model will pack newly erected, reshipper cases or trays, and it also

This machine is for speeds up to 60 cases per minute. This heavy-duty case packer is for two-cases per cycle operation. Compliant for round or non-round containers and includes simple operator control.

This model will pack newly erected, reshipper cases or trays.

Standard Features Include:

  • 90 degree case to container conveyor configuration
  • Centralized lubrication cluster points for easy

This machine offer new levels of packing efficiency. Incorporating microprocessor and servo technology in every area, this series of case packers is required when running non-round containers in pack patterns of at least 2 wide.

“D” Case Packers for Non-Round & Round Containers

  • 300 “D” – up to 15 CPM
  • 360 “D” – up to 20 CPM
  • Challenger “D” – up to 25 CPM
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