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With a super small footprint (only 10’ long) and A-B-C’s trademark rugged construction, this sealer will satisfy your most challenging sealing requirements. Quality components include a pacer-belt case transfer that automatically feeds and spaces cases for precision sealing, a rotary tucker for smooth, high speed flap folding, and flexible compression rollers for secure adhesive sealing. For quality, value, and versatility in a production cas

Top Tape Case Sealer TT25 - speeds up to 25 CPM This machine is capable of speeds up to 25 cases per minute. It is intended to be installed after the Case Packer and before the Palletizer. Standard features include: >Dekka II 2″ heavy-duty tape heads Hand wheel height adjustment Hand wheel case width adjustment Heavy-duty construction Rotary actuator flap folder with adjustable dwell positioning Synchronized side drive belts Steel-

If you’re tired of lost production from disposable tape sealers, here’s a workhorse case sealer that really performs. This tough Model 46A tape sealer offers all the features for top production case sealing in a compact frame, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save floor space. This case sealer is packed with standard features that aren’t available on other compact case sealers, including: Rugged stainless steel fr

The Model 136 case sealer is a small tape sealer that provides huge production benefits. It’s small and compact, but built with A-B-C’s quality construction, so this little case sealer will provide years of consistent, high speed operation with less wear or care. Its heavy gauge stainless steel box-style frame is welded and bolted for strength, and the sealer is enclosed with clear, interlocked panels for security without limiting visibility.

Here’s a tape case sealer that can handle real-world production demands. It’s built tough for high speed, three-shift-a-day case sealing operation. It seals cases squarely and securely, with A-B-C’s exclusive case-squaring flight lugs and contoured flap folders. It’s sensibly designed with quality components, built into the heavy stainless steel frame, to virtually eliminate downtime for maintenance. For a case sealer built to fulfill you

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